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Film and Video


Voyage To Kure, Jean-Michel Cousteau: Ocean Adventures Series, 2006. Ocean Futures Society and KQED (2 one-hour specials). Producer
Pierce Brosnan, Gary Lopez, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Kauai, 2005

Piece Brosnan, Gary Lopez, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Kauai 2006

Voyage to Kure Searcher team

Searcher Crew, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2005

Voyage to Kure President George W Bush

President George W. Bush signing NW Hawaii National Monument, Washington DC, 2006

Voyage to Kure article in Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times, June 15, 2006

In 2006, U.S. President George W. Bush cited Voyage to Kure (Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventure, PBS), as his inspiration for establishing the Northwestern Hawaiian Island Marine National Monument, the largest marine protected areas in the world (Los Angles Time, June 15, 2006).

The Cousteau Moments Series, 1991-1992. The Cousteau Society, Paris/Los Angeles (108 ninety-second PSA’s). Producer/co-writer
Jacques Cousteau and Gary Lopez, Cousteau Society West Hollywood, CA, 1992

Jacques Cousteau, West Hollywood, 1992

Gary, Jean-Michel, and Captain Cousteau

Largest Nose Competition, Jacques Cousteau, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Los Angeles, 1993

Interactions: Science, Technology, and Society Series, 1987-1989. Wisconsin Public Broadcast (15-parts, 7 ½ hours). Co-writer
The Atlantic Realm, 1985-1988. British Broadcasting Corporation, Bristol, UK (3-parts, 3 hours). Research/field PA (SIO)
Interactions Wisconsin PBS Gary Lopez


National Marine Sanctuary Promo, 2003. National Marine Sanctuary, NOAA (video, 10 min). Co-producer


Science Essentials Series, 1987-1991. Encyclopaedia Britannica Educational Corporation, Chicago, (70-part interactive video, 7 min/part). Co-producer/writer


Problems of Conservation Series, 1990. EBEC (3-part 16mm series, 18 min/part). Producer/writer/director


The Garbage Explosion, 1989. EBEC (16mm, 15 min). Producer


Wind and What It Does, 1989. EBEC (16mm, 10 min). Producer


Waves and Water, 1989. EBEC (16mm, 15 min). Producer


Life Story of a Paramecium, 1989. EBEC (16mm, 10 min). Producer/writer


What Is A Fish?, 1989. EBEC (16mm, 22 min). Producer/writer


Cures and Concoctions: Drugs and the Human Body, 1989. Human Relations Media, NY (video, 30 min). Producer/writer


The First Many-Celled Animals: Sponges,  1988. EBEC (16mm, 15 min). Producer/writer


Learning About Heat,  1988. EBEC (16mm, 14 min). Producer/writer


Origin of Land Plants, 1988. EBEC (16mm, 14 min). Producer/writer


Evidence For The Ice Ages, 1988. EBEC (16mm, 14 min). Producer/writer


The Aging of Lakes, 1988. EBEC (16mm, 20 min). Writer/PA


Bacteria, 1988. EBEC (16mm, 20 min). Writer/PA


Viruses, 1988. EBEC (16mm, 20 min). Writer/PA


Algae, 1988. EBEC (16mm, 16 min). Writer


How Nature Protects Animals, 1987. EBEC (16mm, 9 min). Writer


The Monarch Butterfly Story, 1987. EBEC (16mm, 11 min). Writer


Echinoderm: The Sea Stars and Their Relatives, 1987. EBEC (16mm, 12 min). Writer


Life: How We Define It, 1987. EBEC (16mm, 16 min). Writer/PA


What Is A Mammal?, 1987. EBEC (16mm, 16 min). Writer/PA


The Ocean Food Chain, 1986. EBEC (16mm, 15 min). Writer/PA


Evolution of Landscapes, 1986. EBEC (16mm, 21 min). Writer


Plankton and the Open Ocean, 1986. EBEC (16mm, 22 min). Writer


Flood Forecasting, 1986. EBEC (16mm, 20 min). Writer


Geologic Time, 1986. EBEC (16mm, 24 min). Writer


Physical and Chemical Lab Safety and Life Science Lab Safety, 1986. EBEC (multi-image, 21 min). Photographer


Oceanography: The Science of the Sea Series, 1985. EBEC (multi-image, 90 min). Writer/photographer


Partners for Life, The Human Heart and Lungs, 1985. Human Relations Media, NY (multi-image, 30 min). Writer


Homeostasis: Maintaining the Body’s Internal Environment, 1984. IBIS Media, NY (multi-image, 30 min). Writer


Steps to the Sea: The Tidepools of Cabrillo Monument, 1983. US National Park Service (multi-image, 19 min). Producer/director


Advancing Innovation in Oceanography, 1982. Foundation for Ocean Research (multi-image, 10 min). Director/photographer

Science Essentials Gary Lopez
Britannica Film Gary Lopez
Britannica Film Gary Lopez
Britannica film strip Gary Lopez

In addition, produced or executive produced more than 60 educational videodiscs on topics ranging from biology to economics between 1989 and 1995.

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