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EdReady, 2014  (personalized adaptive learning platform). 


NROC Library, 2004 – present  (web-based multimedia courses). CEO


Earth and Environmental Science, 2004-2006. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (web-based multimedia leaning objects). Principal investigator


AP US History and AP American Government, 2003-2004. University of California (web-based multimedia courses). Executive manager


NETg IT Training Library, 1997-2000. National Educational Training Group (500 six-hour multimedia-based IT training courses). CEO/executive manager


Archipelago Distributed Learning Library, 1997-1999. Archipelago Productions (Eight CD/web-based courses). Executive manager/co-designer


Core Concepts in College Physics, 1999. Saunders College Publishing (Multimedia-based physics textbook replacement). Executive producer/co-designer


Saunders Interactive General Chemistry, 1996. Saunders College Publishing (Multimedia-based chemistry textbook replacement). Executive producer/co-designer

Survival of the Fittest, 1989. Educational Materials and Equipment, CT (multimedia). Designer/programmer


Data Quality Objectives Tutorial/Simulation, 1987-1989. US Environmental Production Agency, Washington DC (simulation). Writer/designer


What’s The Chance?, 1987. EME (multimedia). Designer/programmer


Community Dynamics, 1986. EME (multimedia). Designer/programmer


Ellen Nelson Learning Library: Science Series, 1986-1987. Decision Development Corporation, CA (multimedia). Designer/writer


Population Concepts v2.0, 1986. EME (multimedia). Programmer


EcoSoft, 1985. Science Media Services, CA (multimedia). Designer/programmer



CoEvolution, 1984. EduTech, NY (multimedia). Designer/programmer

Gary Lopez Archipelago Distributed Learning
Gary Lopez sofware
Gary Lopez Co-Evolution
Gary Lopez Archipelago Physics CD
Gary Lopez Archipelago Chemistry CD
Gary Lopez Archipelago Distributed Learning
Gary Lopez EdReady
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